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COVID-19 Nasal swab laboratory test in h
Sanitizing Products
Coronavirus blood test concept


COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests


PCR  with next day results

Antigen Test (for groups only) with 15 minute results



Gowns, Gloves, Masks, Shoe Covers, Sanitizers

COVID-19 Antibody Tests


Finger prick test with results in 10 minutes

ReliOx Whiff System


Chlorine Dioxide for fast, effective disenfecting

Clients Include:
Film Industry
Medium/Large Organizations
K-12 School Systems
Manufacturing Facilities
Hotel Groups
Restaurant Groups
Nursing Groups
COVID-19 Solutions
PCR, Antigen, & Antibody Testing
Full Room Sanitizers
Thermal Cameras
Health Advisors
Health Tracking Technology
Specializing in rapid mobilization for large scale testing
Operating in dozens of locations across the country
Administering thousands of COVID-19 tests/week
Pipetting Samples


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday    10AM – 2PM

(912) 373-7751

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